Thursday, March 13, 2008

Praise God!!!!

This last Tuesday our choir met at a different church to practice because of Fairpark's remodeling.
Well, at that church the water is "nasty" so I asked my mom if she would take me and two of my friends down to QT to get those yummy drinks. Well, when we went back to the car we were very startled to find that the car wouldn't start, and it was 2:10. We only had 20 minutes to get back to the church. Mom told us to get out and walk back...... None of us have any since of direction. We got lost only taking a few steps. I guess God knew that it wasn't a good idea for us to try getting back by walking soo.... He sent one of the girl's Grandparents at the perfect time. Thank God they got there cause the crosswalk lights were broken. Well, once we got back to the church we told a couple people what had happened and a couple guys went down to help. Everybody was safe that day. God is AMAZING!!!!

For along time I have been in between piano teachers. My mom finally pulled me out of lessons cause of some issues. My fingers have been dying for the piano. They ache for lessons. I've been missing it SOOO much. Piano is one of my truest friends. I can poor every feeling into one piece until I get rid of all my hurt and pain. I thought I would NEVER find a piano teacher, but I have finally found a teacher. I am so excited!!! Now I can show someone besides my friends my songs that I composed and arranged. God is GOOD! I want to use my music for his glory. To tell others about his love, glory, and power. About all the pain he went through just for us. He did so much for us, and I will never stop praising him. He is my God and my King!

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Hearts And Home said...

Congrats, I am happy you are playing again.