Friday, March 14, 2008

How do I add friends?

How in the world do I add friends? I so cannot figure it out. If you know.... PLEASE tell me.

Well, only a few more weeks till tour. This year is going to be hard. None of my close friends will be going. How will I survive??? Also on that trip I am going to be making one of the hardest choices in my life. Have you ever felt like the if you made the wrong choice in life that everything would just fall apart. Right now thats how I feel. I can't decide anything. Please be praying for me. I want to do God's will not mine.

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A Young Lady In Waiting said...

Ok you add Friends by adding a link to their page. 1. go to your dashboard in blogger and click Lay out. 2.on the side of your lay our you'll see something that says 'add a page element' click that and it'll pop up and window then just add the names and links of the people. Hope that works if not just call or Something like that. And of course I'll be praying for ya