Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Heart.....

Today as I was sitting on my favorite swing I noticed my dog, Carmelle looking for a place to bury her new bone. As I watched her I came to the realization that a dog finding the perfect spot to bury her bone is the same as we humans trying to find a person to give our heart to. The only spot I have found that is safe for my heart is in the Lords hands. I know that with him my heart will never be hurt or used. We might get hurt sometimes and blame God, but we are the ones who have messed up, and have to answer to our sin.

A friend of mine let my sister and I borrow a book called Before You Meet Prince Charming. It is a great book for young teenage girls to read. It has helped me so much, and it has changed my way of thinking. Instead of having my thoughts on guys I now am thinking constantly about my Father in heaven. I don't have to worry about who likes me or who I will end up with when I know that God is my matchmaker and will bring me my prince when the time is right. While I am waiting for Gods timing and not my own I am going to be serving others as best as I can. I want to be completely ready for my prince when he is brought into my life.

May you all have a very happy easter. God Bless!


A Young Lady In Waiting said...

Must have been a REALlY nice friend that let ya borrow it,;)hehe.

åslaug said...

I'll read that book =) as soon as I've get the money to buy, unless I can find it in a library when I'm in Illinois, I bet it's not translated into Norwegian and therefore neither found in our librarys =)

Have a blessed morning =)